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Mitt examensarbete: effektiv IT-utveckling och offshoring

Mitt exjobb skrevs under våren på en av Nordeas IT-avdelningar i Stockholm och handlar om hur banken bedriver IT-utveckling, i vilken utsträckning den är effektiv och hur utvecklingen påverkas av att en del av bankens utvecklare är placerade offshore, i Indien. Exjobbet finns att hämta och läsa här: Abstract: Modern organizations within IT-developing needs to be prepared to face challenges that are not necessarily connected to the mere technological aspects of softwares. These challenges might lie within e. g. communication between stakeholders, user involvement, organizational regulations, the need for standards and maintainability of the products. This study is investigating the software development at one of the various IT-departments at Swedish bank Nordea, in order to point out the most interesting areas of improvement. Many different tools, standards, organizational processes and methodologies are available to the developers, whereof some of them might be inhibitory rather than enhancing the effectiveness. Nordea is also having an offshoring-oriented strategy, having development resources located in India. The discussion is concerned with modern methodologies such as Scrum and other agile development concepts, and their use in a geographically dispersed context and within a non-agile organization.
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